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Dear Pro Life Coordinators and Friends,

            Having completed another legislative year we are grateful to God for holding back Assisted Suicide legislation in NY State.  I’m not sure if you all receive the updates noted below from Patient Rights Action Fund so I wanted to pass it along as a good resource.  This email reflects the national efforts to oppose assisted suicide.  Patient Rights Action Fund, under the leadership of it’s President JJ Hanson is doing amazing work.  If you can support their efforts I highly encourage you to do so – see here

God bless you.   
Sr. Lucy Marie 
Respect Life Coordinator

Dear Friends,

Legislative sessions are officially over for the spring and, in some states, for the year. Assisted suicide opponents were extremely successful in preventing any more states from legalizing assisted suicide. In several of the states, the battles were very difficult but our coalitions worked extremely hard and prevailed.

In the last week, bills stalled for the remainder of 2017 in New York and Delaware. Last year, there was a favorable vote in the New York Assembly Health Committee for the assisted suicide bill. This year, proponents were not able to garner enough votes in that same committee to have a vote! This is huge as New York is the prize most desired by Compassion and Choices!

We learned on Thursday of this week that the Delaware House was going to vote on the assisted suicide bill on Friday. Our coalition mobilized with one-day notice and spearheaded an intense campaign which stalled the bill until 2018.

Major kudos and congratulations to our heroic coalitions in New York and Delaware for an exceptional job! 
In addition, bills were defeated in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon and Rhode Island as their legislative sessions ended, bringing the total to 23 states where measures were defeated, died from inaction, stalled or were withdrawn. Of the remaining states, Massachusetts, South Dakota and New Jersey are the ones to watch.

Defeated Bills to Legalize Assisted Suicide in 2017:
Oklahoma: HJR 1009 (Ballot measure) -- died in committee
North Carolina: HB 789 – died in committee
New York: S.3151/A.2383, A.3598 “End-of-Life Options” Act -- no committee votes taken, stalled in committee
Delaware: HB 160 – passed in committee, full House vote stalled
Rhode Island: House Bill 5468, Senate Bill 224 – no action taken, died in committee
Oregon: SB 893 (allowed health care agents to fulfill requests for lethal drugs) -- died in committee
Mississippi: Death with Dignity Act Senate Bill 2283 – died in committee
Utah: HB 76 – tabled in committee
Tennessee: SB 1378, HB 1394 – withdrawn
Maryland: SB 354– withdrawn; HB 370 – died in committee
Wyoming: HB 0122 – bill was drafted but not introduced, dead at this time
New Mexico: House Bill 171, SB 252 – defeated by Senate vote
Indiana: SB 273, HB 1561 – died in committee
Nebraska: Legislative Bill 450 – died, not a priority bill
Connecticut: H.B. No. 6024, HB 6238 – died in committee
Kansas: HB 2120 Death With Dignity Act– died in committee
Arizona: HB 2336 – died in committee
Iowa: Senate File 215, House File 299– died in committee
Missouri: Death With Dignity Act HB 524 – attempt to add to another bill failed
Hawaii: SB 1129 -- passed in the Senate and died in a House committee.
Alaska: HB 54 - Voluntary Termination of Life – held in committee without action
Maine: LD 1066 -- An Act to Promote Life with Dignity; LD 347 --An Act To Support Death with Dignity – passed in the Senate and defeated by House vote
Nevada: SB 261 – passed the Senate and died in a House committee

Active Bills to Legalize/Expand Assisted Suicide in 2017:
New Jersey: S 2474 --carryover from 2016
Massachusetts: H.1194, S.1225
Pennsylvania: SB 238
Minnesota: SF 1572 – End of Life Options Act
Wisconsin: AB 216, SB 312 -- Compassionate Choices
Michigan: HB 4461 -- legalizes assisted suicide
Michigan: HB 4462 – amends criminal sentencing standards to eliminate the penalties for assisting a suicide

Ballot Measures
South Dakota:  Signatures being gathered for a November 2018 ballot measure.
A six month report from California reveals that 111 people took lethal drugs to end their lives.

Barbara L. Lyons
Coalitions Director
Patient Rights Action Fund
609-759-0322, Ext. 501 (o)
414-322-6689 (c)

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